How Often Should You Visit Your Barber?

How Often Should You Visit Your Barber?

Any respectable man has an image to maintain. Not just any image, but you have your image to keep looking sharp. While we do our best to put ourselves together before we greet the world in the morning or before a night out on the town, only so much can be done to keep our hair and fuller beards in check. There’s only so much a comb and some spit can do (we do not condone the use of spit as a hair care product, but you get the gist). So, how often should you be paying your barber a visit to keep your look intact?

The Maintenance Of Your Look

Most of us agree that we look and feel our best right after the cape is whipped off and we hop out of the barber’s chair. Your style is locked in and looking spectacular. While a little bit of growth can make certain looks appear more natural, you want to preserve the look you explained to your barber at length the first time you came ‘round. The longer you go without paying your barber a visit, the more removed your appearance becomes from your preferred look. This makes maintenance of your look a timely issue.  

Paycheck Days

Since we don’t live in Mayberry with Sheriff Andy Taylor and Floyd The Barber, visiting your barber once a day or even once a week isn’t realistic. However, maintaining your look is best left to what is sometimes unofficially known as the Paycheck Days schedule. Most people get paid either once a month or every two weeks. These days are great reminders to get your look in check and are rather handy because you have the funds to pamper your cranium a bit. Still, which is it? Once a month or every two weeks? The answer: both.

The Two-Part Haircut

Because the average person’s hair grows at about a rate of a quarter-inch a month, many tighter styles can start looking a little less tidy fairly quickly. This means a two-part haircut can help your style looking fresh.

Part 1: The Full Haircut

If you were to get paid once a month or around the beginning of the month, it’s a good reminder to come in and get a full haircut. Heck, you might as well get a shave and beard trim while you’re in as well, right? It’s payday!

Part 2: The Back & Sides Haircut

Either halfway through your monthly pay period or when you get your second paycheck around the middle of the month, this may be a good time to stop in for some maintenance. This may be a quicker haircut where you’re only getting the sides and back trimmed up. Because the average person’s hair only grows about a quarter-inch a month, this growth won’t be as evident on the top as it may be on the sides and back, hence a less extensive cut.

For beard trims, how frequently you get your facial mane manicured depends on the tidiness of the look. Unless you don’t own a mirror, you should be able to tell when it’s time to get your jaw hedge pruned.

However often you decide to get your hair cut or your beard trimmed, you'll never be a stranger Whiskers Men’s Grooming.

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