4 Reasons To Have A Barber Trim Your Beard

4 Reasons To Have A Barber Trim Your Beard

If you’re a bearded guy (or gal, we’re not judging), you’ve likely been faced (no pun intended) with the dilemma of how to trim the dang thing. While there’s always the option of trimming it yourself, you’re probably the first to admit that you’re not a professional barber. If you’re not trimming your own hair, why should your beard be any different? You could try an electric beard trimmer, but all that does is basically give your face the equivalent of boy’s summertime burr cut. You could whip out the scissors (provided you actually own hair shears and not value store craft scissors) and attempt to snip your way to rugged handsomeness. Still, with that option, there’s a good chance of back-and-forth evening-up that may leave you without much beard at the end of it. In this piece, we’re going to provide four good reasons why you should have a professional barber trim your beard.

1. Barbers have a better beard perspective.

Just because you have somewhat of a working knowledge of how to keep your hedge in shape doesn’t mean you can get the full picture while trimming. If you’ve ever tried to trim your own hair or beard, you’ll find yourself straining your eyeballs back and forth, up and down just to get a good view of your face mane. Turn your head all you want, you’re never going to quite have the perspective that a barber’s experienced eye has. In order to increase your chances of walking out into the world with an even beard, it pays to have a barber do the heavy snipping.

2. Barbers can offer custom advice tailored to your unique beard.

No two beards are alike. Face shape, hair thickness, waviness, curliness — these are all variables to take into consideration when deciding the best course of action for your coarse mane of passion. While you can try to do your best research for the beard style that matches all of the variables of your beard, an experienced barber can be a matchmaker for a style that may just be your whole new look.

3. Barbers can help you keep your beard healthy.

With the upsurge in the popularity of beards, it seems like a new brand of beard balm, oil, wash, and mousse hits the market every other week. What beard product is best for keeping your bristles looking, feeling, and even smelling great? Well, that all depends on your beard. An experienced barber can cut through the nonsense to recommend the essential beard products for your face broom.

4. Your beard deserves a spa day, too.

As the legendary character of Ron Swanson once said, “The three most important people in a man's life are his barber, his butcher, and his lover.” Plopping down in the barber’s seat for a great haircut, beard trim, or shave is like a spa day for your head. There are few experiences that help act as a hard reset on the psyche like a trip to a barber you know and trust with your follicle fillers. Once the cape comes off and the whiskers are wiped clean, you feel like a million bucks.

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